『Shinji by Kanesaka』 St. Regis に一歩足を踏み入れて頂くと、銀座鮨かねさか本店と同様、入門潤三 ( Junzo Irikado) 氏デザインによる、威厳ある伝統と卓越した芸術の世界が広がっています。 


職人技の精神を忠実に守る『Shinji by Kanesaka』 St. Regis は、日本の建築、伝統、おもてなしの精神の最高峰を念頭にデザインされ、瓦屋根の元にたたずむ上品な格子戸からその両側の障子窓まで、玄関はその先に広がる世界の始まりを表現しています。


玄関を抜けると、日本の茶室の伝統的な様式と時代を超えるその美しさを体現する内装が、行燈の柔らかい明りに照らされて広がっています。 ほのかに檜や杉、花梨の香りが漂う上品な空間の中、石畳が二つの個室、桜の間と銀杏の間へとお客様をご案内します。




メインダイニングでは、 料理長吉澤俊亮率いる板前陣が、樹齢300年に及ぶ檜の一枚板カウンターを前に伝統工芸の担い手として辣腕を振るいます。 深紅の絨毯が広げられ、天井から床までのプレミアム ワインセラーが豪華で壮麗な空間を創り出す中、精微な飾り障子が自然美を優雅に表現しています。



“Harmony is the complete alignment of one’s senses with the surroundings. It is a singular moment that transforms the entire dining experience.” ~ Chef Shinji Kanesaka.

To step into Shinji by Kanesaka St. Regis is to enter a world of regal tradition and exceptional artistry by Junzo Irikado – the man behind Ginza Sushi Kanesaka.


True to the spirit of artisan craftsmanship, the restaurant is designed to honour the best of Japanese architecture, heritage and hospitality. From the elegant koushido lattice panels to the shouji window panes set beneath a kawara roof, the entryway is a fitting prelude to what lies ahead.


Past the entrance, the soft glow of andon lamps illuminates an interior that embodies the style and timeless beauty of classic Japanese teahouses. The subtle scent of hinoki (cypress), sugi (cedar) and karin (red oak) wafts across an ishidatami or cobbled stone pathway leading to two private rooms – Sakura and Icho (Gingko).


Inspired by traditional hanare-ya or guest cottages typically used to receive distinguished guests, each room is exclusively furnished with wood from trees of their namesake and intricate, handcrafted elements delivered from Japan.


Within the main restaurant, Head Chef Shunsuke Yoshizawa and his team take centre stage at a 300-year-old hinoki sushi counter as master artisans of an age-old craft. Exquisite koushi shoji carvings depict ethereal scenes of nature while lush red carpeting and a floor-to-ceiling display of premium wines provide a lavish backdrop that lends a distinct air of luxury and grandeur.


From the very moment of arrival, guests are taken on a breathtaking, evocative journey that transforms the senses for a truly extraordinary dining experience.

吉澤俊亮  | Shunsuke Yoshizawa 

St. Regis Hotel

Driven by a deep passion for his craft, Head Chef Shunsuke Yoshizawa believes that a truly sublime dining experience does not simply nourish the body but moves the heart and soul. 


A native of Ibaraki Prefecture in Northeast Japan, Chef Yoshizawa’s journey of culinary craftsmanship traces back to a childhood dream and a love for cooking that remains a vital source of inspiration.


As a young chef, he honed his skills at award-winning sushi restaurant Kyubey in Ginza, Tokyo and Imperial Hotel Osaka. His talent and charisma opened new doors to the world, leading him to Mumbai and Maldives as a chef at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel.


Since 2010, Chef Yoshizawa has found his place at Shinji by Kanesaka in Singapore, upholding the time-honoured traditions of his craft. Having played an integral role in our restaurants at Raffles Hotel and Carlton Hotel, he now helms Shinji by Kanesaka St. Regis as its Head Chef.


Today, Chef Yoshizawa continues to pay homage to the very best of Japanese cuisine, bringing to life the spirit of 「一握入魂」– where every dish is a soulful and heartfelt expression of all that the chef has to offer.







2010 年以降、料理長吉澤はシンガポールの『Shinji by Kanesaka』にて、由緒あるすし職人の技巧を守り続けてまいりました。 これまで Raffles Hotel 店及び Carlton Hotel 店にて重要な役割を果たしてきた彼は、今度は『Shinji by Kanesaka』St. Regis の料理長として腕を振るってまいります。


『Shinji by Kanesaka』St. Regisでは、これからも料理長吉澤が、「一握入魂」の精神を胸に、一つ一つの料理に魂を込め、誠心誠意の心を表現し、日本料理の最高峰への敬意の念と共に皆様をお待ちしております。お楽しみください。


29タングリングロード ロビー階 シンガポール 247911

昼 12時 ~ 15時
夜 18時 ~ 22時30分
【定休日】日曜 (ラストオーダー21時)


+65 6338 6131 もしくは

29 Tanglin Road, Lobby Floor, Singapore 247911

Lunch: 12pm to 3pm (last order at 2pm)
Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm (last order at 9pm)
Closed on Sundays


+65 6884 8239


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