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金坂 真次 | Shinji Kanesaka

Sushi by Kanesaka (Ginza, Tokyo)

Born in 1972, Chef Shinji Kanesaka is an unassuming man who has a deep respect for his art, having spent more than half his lifetime honing his craft. With 2 Michelin stars tucked firmly under his belt, this sushi shokunin (sushi artisan) is a master of his trade.

In 2000, Chef Kanesaka set up Sushi Kanesaka in Tokyo’s prime Ginza district and has since garnered a steady stream of regulars, including those among elite circles.

What sets him apart from his counterparts and marks him as a culinary prodigy is his shari or rice. 80% of sushi consists of rice and, for Chef Kanesaka, the battle is already more than half won. The pure, distilled quality of his food as well as a certain inexplicable charm in both man and restaurant is the key to his success.

I want to make sushi that I personally want to eat.

At Shinji by Kanesaka, Chef Kanesaka believes that dining on the best sushi is a holistic experience, one that is best delivered with art and soul.

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1972年に生まれ、学業終了後、すしの世界で技術向上に研鑽した。 控えめな性格ではあるが、彼のすしに対するこだわりと技術は、すしを芸術の域にまで高めたといえよう。 ミシュラン2つ星の評価は、鮨職人業界の星として、すしアーテイストと呼ぶにふさわしい活躍をしている。


彼がこの業界で注目を浴びるようになった要因は、他ならぬ彼自身の「シャリ」に対するこだわりに他ならない。 鮨はその80%がシャリである、ここの塩梅が鮨の出来を決める。 何とも説明しがたい彼の魅力と、磨きこまれた彼の手になる商品の質の高さが、彼の成功の秘訣といえよう。

『自分が食べたいと、思う鮨を 造り続けたい。』