Sushi is all about subtraction.” Chef Kanesaka states with the quiet conviction of a man who knows his craft.

The interior of Shinji by Kanesaka imbues the same classical simplicity that characterizes the chef's pristine technique as well as his stalwart hospitality. Like the original Ginza Sushi Kanesaka, Shinji by Kanesaka was also designed by Junzo Irikado. Organic materials like wood and paper are flown in from Japan and provide for the restaurant’s furnishing and fixtures.

One highlight is the restaurant’s main sushi counter singularly carved from the trunk of a 220-year-old Japanese cypress or hinoki tree. With its subtle scent and rich grain, hinoki timber is highly revered in much of traditional Japanese architecture. At Shinji by Kanesaka, it sets the stage for Master Chef Oshino and his team to demonstrate an artistry that dates back thousands of years.

The restaurant’s unembellished décor belies the immaculate craftsmanship of the Daiei Company whose portfolio of clients includes the prominent Grand Shrine of Ise in Southwest Japan.

From the noren curtains that frame the entrance to the beautifully hand-woven ceiling of the restaurant’s Kiku Room, the attention to detail is ubiquitous and soothing.

Ultimately, the atmosphere is one of exquisite, understated elegance that makes for a dignified yet intimate dining experience. 


『Shinji by Kanesaka』の内装は、職人の厚いおもてなしと彼の技が主役となるよう、伝統的かつスッキリとした仕上げになっております。 鮨かねさか銀座本店と同様、『Shinji by Kanesaka』のデザインは、入門潤三 ( Junzo Irikado) 氏が担当しました。 木や紙の素材は、日本から持ち込み、建具・装飾に使用をしております。

特筆すべきは、メインカウンターで、樹齢220年のヒノキ無垢材を使用しました。 そのかすかな芳香と際立つ木目は、多くの日本の建築に愛されてきました。『Shinji by Kanesaka』では、その古来から愛されてきた素材をステージに料理長押野亘一郎を中心に職人たちが腕を振るいます。




押野亘一郎 | Oshino Koichiro

Carlton Hotel

Like Executive Chef Shinji Kanesaka, Master Chef Koichiro Oshino is a visionary who has devoted his life to mastering his art.

Chef Oshino’s calling has led him from the prime streets of Ginza to the heart of the Netherlands where he spent 3 years as sushi chef at Yamazato in Hotel Okura Amsterdam.

Now in Singapore, Chef Oshino is no stranger to his role as culinary ambassador and shares Chef Kanesaka’s sushi-do philosophy – to stage their artistry beyond the shores of their native homeland while staying true to its origins.

At Shinji by Kanesaka, Chef Oshino takes his stewardship very seriously and has cultivated a profound, poetic approach to what he does. Every encounter is greatly valued and cherished for the beauty of its transcience.

(一期一会 / One chance in a lifetime)

In harmony with his motto, it is Chef Oshino and his team who will bring the magic of the Kanesaka experience to the table.




『Shinji by Kanesaka』において料理長押野は、「一期一会」の精神で、素材に向かい、その特長を最大限に生かし、お客様をおもてなしさせていただきます。そして、お客様の心に今日の体験が記憶されるよう努力を重ねてまいります。


76 Bras Basah Rd, Lobby Floor, Singapore 189558

Lunch: 12pm to 3pm (last order at 2pm)
Dinner: 6pm to 10.30pm (last order at 9pm)
Closed on Sundays


+65 6338 6131


76ブラスバサーロード ロビー階 シンガポール 189558

昼 12時 ~ 15時
夜 18時 ~ 22時30分(ラストオーダー 21時)

お問い合わせは +65 6338 6131 もしくは

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